Saturday, November 17, 2012

Voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide

Australia21’s latest discussion paper, How should Australia regulate voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide? (co-authors Professors Ben White and Lindy Willmott from the Health Law Research Centre in the Faculty of Law at Queensland University of Technology) was released at midday on Thursday 15 November.

Initial media coverage included

-  Eleanor Hall interviewing Lindy Willmot and others on ABC Radio National’s The World Today – transcript at Why is euthanasia illegal in Australia?

-  Let’s talk about death – RN Drive presenter Claudette Werden talks to Ben White

-  Starting the debate on voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide – Ben White and Lindy Willmot in a joint piece published in The Conversation, Thursday 15 November.

The discussion paper can be downloaded from our website at

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