Friday, March 22, 2013

Molly Harriss Olson joins the Board of Australia21

We are delighted to welcome Ms Molly Harriss Olson to the Board of Australia21.

Molly is an internationally recognised leader in global sustainability. Her  experience spans over 30 years and her approach to  global sustainability encompasses leadership and economic redesign, green building innovation, fair-trade, population, environment and development issues.

Molly was the sustainability expert for the Opening Plenary of the World Economic Forum's 2000 meeting in Davos. She was the Chair of King Carl Gustaf's Business Leadership and the Environmental Symposium, Stockholm, Sweden, has given lectures at the Harvard Kennedy School and was the Myerhoff Visiting Scholar for Global Civic Responsibility, Goucher College, Baltimore.

Her work in the White House (as the Founding Executive Director of the President’s Council on Sustainable Development) enabled her to bring Al Gore to Australia for his first visit in 2003 as keynote speaker at the National Business Leaders Forum.

Now based in Australia, she is the Chair of the Board of Fairtrade International, which is a 4.9 Billion Euro annual turnover of products sold in 120 countries; and she sits on a number of environmental boards. She is the founder and convenor of the National Business Leaders Forum on Sustainable Development. She is a co-founder and director of EcoFutures, an Australian-based international policy firm working on building sustainable strategies with business, government and civic leaders; and co-founder of Earthmark.

We look forward to working with Molly in the coming years when sustainability is likely to become even more critical for the future of Australia and the world.

More information on other members of the Board of Australia21 is available here.