Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Alex Wodak: Time for Plan B in the War on Drugs

In an article in The Conversation today 1 May 2012 Australia21 Director Dr Alex Wodak says it is time for a Plan B in the war on drugs:

At the Summit of the Americas in Colombia, on 14 to 15 April, over 30 heads of government (including US President Barack Obama) took part in a closed-door discussion about the failure of the war on drugs. President Obama was forced to concede that this discussion was legitimate. And conservative Canadian Prime Minister Steve Harper surprised many at the summit when he also conceded that the war on drugs had failed.

Nigel Inkester, a former chief of MI6 in the United Kingdom, declared on 17 April that the war on drugs had been lost and that drug legalisation had to be considered.

First academics started saying these things, then retired politicians, judges and police chiefs. Now serving presidents and prime ministers are also finally admitting that the emperor is not wearing any clothes.

When Plan A doesn’t work, it’s time to think about Plan B. As Gramsci said, “the old is dead but the new is not yet born.

Read Alex’s full article here.

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