Saturday, March 27, 2010

About the Australia 21 blog

The aims of this blog are to complement Australia 21’s website and support the organisation’s objectives by:

-  Expanding awareness of Australia 21 and its activities in the wider community

-  Giving notice of Australia 21 events, reports and discussions

-  Giving both subject matter specialists and members of the general community an opportunity to contribute to thinking about the important issues which confront Australian society

-  As the opportunity arises, drawing attention to reports and other materials published elsewhere that we consider represent significant contributions on the issues that we have in focus.

Accordingly, we welcome constructive comments from our readers, whether they agree with us or disagree with us, and the blog has been set up for “open” comment, that is, you don’t have to have any form of registered access in order to post comments.

There are, however, some rules:

 - The comment facility has been set up for “moderated” comment – no comment will be uploaded to the site until it has been reviewed by the site manager

- Publication of comments is at the absolute discretion of Australia 21

- Racist, sexist, insulting or otherwise offensive material will not be published

- Potentially defamatory material will not be published

- The language of the blog is English – comments submitted in other languages will not be considered

- Material that is not considered relevant to the subject matter of the post will not be accepted

- As our aim is to further understanding of the matters we consider important, we welcome commentary that will contribute to that end, but we do not welcome cheap shots, unsubstantiated assertions, or ad hominem attacks.

Subject to those rules, we hope you will find our posts interesting and stimulating, and will feel free to contribute to our debates.

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