Thursday, March 29, 2012

Honorary Advisers

Australia21 has appointed two Honorary Advisers to the Board, both of whom were participants in our recent Roundtable on Illicit Drugs Policy.  To the extent that their timetables permit, they will participate fully in all of our Board and Research Committee discussions.

They are:

Vivienne Moxham-Hall

Vivienne Moxham-Hall has completed her degree in Science and Arts at Sydney University and is now completing a Masters of Health Policy. She has taken on a variety of leadership positions within the University such as University of Sydney Union Board Director from 2010-2012, SRC councillor from 2011-2012 and Under-graduate Science Student Representative. She is a volunteer with Surf Lifesaving Australia and is passionate about giving a youth voice to the policy directives of the future.

 Tom Merrett

Tom Merrett is currently a second year student at the University of Adelaide, studying a double degree of Chemical Engineering with Finance on a BHP Billiton scholarship. He is a representative on CHEMS, a student engineering society. In 2010 Tom was school captain at Unley High School. He was also a youth participant in Australia 21’s next big question project (see his contribution, made in his final school year, here). His interests include multimedia with an emphasis on video production and politics.

Vivienne and Tom are already contributing fresh perspectives to our organisation, and Tom is putting in a massive effort on a voluntary basis to the redesign of our website (watch this space).

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