Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moxham-Hall on Drug Policy

The 21 May 2012 edition of The Sydney Morning Herald contained an opinion piece by Australia21 Honorary Adviser Vivienne Moxham-Hall, under the headline Policy on Drugs endangers youth.

The thrust of Vivienne’s article is summed up in her concluding paragraphs:

Our drug policy is a public health issue. It is criminalising kids and endangering the health and safety of the youth of today. My experience has shown me drugs aren't going away. It has shown me prohibition has failed.

Australia needs to look for a better way of dealing with drug use than turning a blind eye or punishing those who fall prey to the allure of the promise of happiness in a pill. Portugal's decriminalisation demonstrates there is a viable alternative that we should be seriously considering.

Access the full article here.

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