Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nicky Grigg joins Board of Australia21

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Nicky Grigg to the Board of Australia21.

Nicky is a research scientist at CSIRO Land and Water. She completed Environmental Engineering and Applied Mathematics undergraduate degrees at the University of Western Australia, and a PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Science at the Australian National University. She conducted her postdoctoral work in complex systems science at CSIRO and has worked on a diverse set of projects ranging from a local scale (e.g. analysis of stormwater harvesting in Canberra) to a national scale (e.g. what builds social-ecological resilience in Australia?). Currently she is part of an interdisciplinary team using integrated modelling approaches to understand impacts of and responses to global change. Nicky is also involved with a range of change focussed community activities. She was a founding member of SEE-Change (www.see-change.org.au), has participated actively in the CSIRO Scientists in Schools program and over several years has performed in National Science Week and ‘Canberra Conversation’ events with A Chorus of Women. Nicky brings not only scientific expertise to Australia21 but also a lived experience of community engagement which is very valuable to us.

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