Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Steve Cork joins Board of Australia21

We are delighted to announce the recent appointment of Dr Steve Cork to the Board of Australia21.

Steve is a futurist, strategist, and ecologist who has had a career spanning research (University of NSW, CSIRO, and at the Australian National University) and public policy (Australian Government, United Nations). He pioneered research in Australia on the natural environment’s benefits for humans, managed the Future Landscapes Program in Land & Water Australia, led the writing team that prepared the Millennium Assessment’s scenarios for the future of the world, and has worked on forest and coastal policy and market-based instruments for natural resource management in the Australian Government. He is currently an adjunct Professor in the Crawford School of Public Policy at the ANU and provides futures and strategic thinking services to government and non-government organisations, large and small, as a private consultant (EcoInsights). For several years Steve has been a valued member of Australia21's leadership team for the resilience project and the ecosystems project. We look forward to his contribution in this new role as a director in a wide range of areas, particularly futures and strategic thinking. 

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